10 September 2011


Ahhh... an actual restful night of sleep. Xander was only up for a few minutes around 1am. I got him a bottle and Ross put him back to sleep. We all slept in until Xander woke us at 7:30. I'm just whipping up some fried potatoes and veggie sausages for breakfast and then we're hoping to meet up with Gretchen, Shaun and the kids at the farmers' market. We haven't seen them in ages and we've missed several weeks of the market because of Ross' schedule.

Mom is coming by later for help washing up and vacuuming her truck. My cousin Fred has a few possible cars for her to choose from, so she wants the truck looking it's best when he sees it. She's getting the breaks fixed tomorrow by Angel's fiance's dad. Mom is waiting until they're done to let Angel and Jason know she can't make it to the shower because of Xander's birthday party. That is one of those "if only I were a fly on the wall" moments.

I really need to get dressed and stop procrastinating.

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