21 September 2011

It's a Gas

Probably safer to stay clear of me for a few days. Ugh. The weather and all its associated bugs finally got me. I've been sniffling, coughing, feverish, achy, irritable... oh, and my period showed up ten days early. Yay. Not. I am so glad Ross is on vacation next week. I need the break so badly. I'm just wearing down from the lack of sleep. Yet, even now that he is sleeping, I can't sleep.

We had to take Xander back off the soy formula. The eczema didn't get any better and we got a very gassy baby to boot. We can't pin down a single source. It happens regardless of the type of formula or the type of food he's eating. I read an article in which a mom described a very similar story to ours. Her son turned out to have a corn allergy. Could you imagine? Corn is in everything!

He's rubbing his face on everything... our clothes, his crib, the floor, the furniture... to the point that he has a raw open sore on his chin and a red "mustache" over his lip. I'm applying the hydrocortizone and Aquaphor as the doctor suggested and hoping it clears up quickly. I may have to resort to bandaging his chin at night. That's when he rubs the worst and I'm not there to stop him.

Until we can better determine what is causing the gas, we picked up some gripe water in hopes that it will ease some of the pain he's in. It seems to be helping so far tonight. It's been two hours since he fell asleep and we haven't had any of the usual whimpers and restlessness. I had to go check on him to make sure he was okay!

I really need to try to sleep. Maybe a cup of hot cocoa will do the trick?

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