26 August 2010

Pregnancy: Week 36

The final week to officially being full term. We had our first of the weekly meetings with our midwives. I love my midwives, but going in for weekly appointments feels so tedious. Yes, he's still moving. Yes, I'm eating well... except the sweets and fried foods I've been craving. No, I don't have any questions. Oh look, my BP, weight and measurements are all right on track... again. *Insert small talk here.* And, we're out the door to do it all over the next week.

I wish I could schedule that time to have them come over and do the things I've been procrastinating on. That would be more helpful. Anyone want to pack the list of stuff the require and recommend for delivery day? Ross got the suitcase out of storage and onto the ottoman at the foot of the bed. He did that a week ago. We call this progress. I still need to track down and purchase a robe... well, a robe that doesn't look like the "housecoats" that my grandma wears. And, we need to buy the snacks we'll be consuming during labor. I have this feeling we'll be dropping by the store to grab this stuff on the way to the birth center.

So, yeah... as I mentioned in a slightly more sarcastic tone in the first paragraph, everything is going well. Measurements are all right on track with a textbook pregnancy. My weight is hovering just below my pre-pregnancy weight. For someone who started the pregnancy overweight, this is considered a very good thing. It's especially impressive when I've been almost homicidal in acquiring sweet and fried foods. Xander's heartbeat is steady and strong and he is firmly in place (head down, tush against my ribs, feet under my ribs) to take on birth. A few more days and we're safely go for launch!

18 August 2010

Pregnancy: Week 35

Today is the first day of my 35th week. Two more weeks (September 1) and I'm considered full term. I have been convinced Xander is coming early, so I am anxiously waiting for that magic day to come and then I will relax a bit. If I go into labor before September 1, we lose our nice calm birth center birth and have an "emergency" birth at the hospital.

The Braxton Hicks act up if I do anything but sit around. I went shopping with Angel and Mackenzie on Monday and had to pause for a break several times. The SPD only seems to get bad at night or when I walk a lot, but basic daily cleaning and activities don't aggravate it. The nighttime issue comes when I want to turn over. The suggestion to keep your legs pressed together as you flip over seems to make it feel worse. I swear, an average flip in bed takes me about ten minutes!

We're mostly set on the baby gear necessities. We decided to go ahead and get an infant car seat even though the car seat we got is suitable for use from five to fifty pounds. The stroller we purchased has a matching car seat that fits into it and that seemed the best way to go. It's supposed to be a mild autumn, so we figured we'll get some use out of it in its stroller function also. It even comes with a bunting that matches for keeping baby extra warm.

The Wrong Color
Still waiting on the baby bedding. Babies 'r' Us messed up on the order and sent the girl version... for all three items. It was really obvious from the moment I opened the shipping box that we had the wrong stuff. It screamed pink! (It even says pink.) We have to return the wrong set and wait for them to contact us about the correct set. They have to contact the manufacturer (who did the actual shipping) to determine how and why we got the wrong set. Still waiting on an answer and I got the shipment on Friday... it's now Wednesday. The customer service rep I spoke with suspected that the set we wanted was out of stock, so the people packing figured the other set would be close enough. Not even! It is the only set Ross and I both liked, so we need to get this sorted out ASAP.

12 August 2010

Pregnancy: Week 34

I can't believe it's already week 34! Three more weeks and I'm considered full term. Mom accompanied me to the appointment with the midwife yesterday. Apparently, Xander has already settled himself quite deeply into my pelvis. To quote Marijke, "Wow! The little guy is really down there!" Well, I guess now I know why I've had that "gotta go" feeling so constantly. He is taking up every bit of space available to him... head right down in my pelvis, butt poking out my side and feet buried up under my ribs. Being short-waisted strikes once again!

After we left the birth center, we went thrifting to pick up a few more outfits and hunt down a swing and/or bouncy seat. Letting Mom loose in the infant section verges on dangerous. LOL Goodwill's selection was a disappointment, but we did well at Savers. We found about ten or twelve shirts, a jacket, four pants, crib sheets, receiving blankets (to be cut up as baby wipes), a brand new fleece blankie and a bouncer.

I have been fully enjoying complete laziness the last few days. It has been nice to really not have anything to worry about except the reading recommended by the midwives. Dinners were pretty much covered by leftovers from the shower. Even cleaning has taken a back burner to relaxation. I'm sure I'll find a happy medium within a week or so, but for now the laziness is needed and appreciated. I'm lucky to have a husband that is okay with it.

10 August 2010

Baby Shopping

There were a few major items to get yet after the baby shower. Rather than continuing to procrastinate, we pulled out the ol' credit card and fired up a secure internet connection for some shopping.

First on the list was diapers. We decided to cloth diaper for economical and environmental reasons. To keep it simplified (and to guarantee Ross' help changing diapers), we opted for one-size pocket diapers. The FuzziBunz came highly recommended over and over... plus they're just cute!

We then looked to cover all of the sleeping and travel necessities. We already have the crib, but no mattress. Well, we have a mattress Ross' mom gave us, but it is strongly smoke-odored and losing firmness so we won't use it. We found a reasonable-priced and well-reviewed Sealy crib to toddler bed mattress. For his early days, we decided to keep Xander in our room. Many people recommended the Pack 'n' Play route for those who don't want to buy a bassinet for that short time. This one by Safety 1st is what we decided on. I like the basic brown and the features... Ross likes the price. We didn't forget the car seat! We decided to skip the infant seat and go to one that works from infant to toddler and for rear- and forward-facing. Safety 1st won out here, too. Toss in a jogging stroller by BabyTrend and a Snugli carrier by Evenflo and we're set for sleeping and travel.

Oh! The bedding! We remembered that too. Our original plan had been a castle/ fleur de lis/ dragon theme, but the bedding we had originally chosen has been discontinued. Ross and I perused several sites that sold baby bedding and finally found one we both liked. It's still the same neutral browns and creams of the original set, but features teddy bears instead of fleur de lis. It's youthful without being overly cutesy.

Other than odds and ends (and a breast pump), we're pretty much set for awhile. It feels like we can relax a little bit... at least until this all shows up and we have to figure out what to do with it all!

09 August 2010

Xander's Baby Shower

Baby Butt Cake
Ahhhh... so glad this weekend is finally over! It was a crazy weekend, but the shower went very well and everyone had a good time. We had a great turnout. I got to see family and friends that I hadn't seen in quite awhile... and even met a few from Ross' side that weren't able to make it to the wedding last year.

Gifts Part One
We had our usual boatload of food and a lot of people brought dishes to pass, too. Ross was King of the Grill. He whipped out about 75 burgers (beef, turkey and veggie), 75 brats and 40 hot dogs in less than an hour! We actually had far fewer leftovers than normal, so our guests must have meant it when they said everything tasted great. The star of the show was the baby butt cake that Angel made. Too cute for words!

Gifts Part Two
Everyone was very generous with the gifts. It will definitely help us out when it comes to being prepared for Xander. The only doubles we got were the highchairs and bottle drying racks... both of which are not really bad things to have extra of. We still need some of the big stuff, but we were also given plenty in cash and gift cards to take a bite out of that expense. My favorite item was the blanket my mom made. She definitely knows my style and it will work beautifully with the colors we have planned for his bedroom. (It's the cream blanket with brown ribbon hanging over the edge of the crib.)

Gifts Part Three
Now I get to tackle the fun part... putting it all away and determining what we still need. The things that first come to mind are the cloth diapers, mattress, car seat, breast pump, pack and play (for rooming with us at night) and bedding. Ross is going to have a minor heart attack when he goes to pay the next credit card bill, but he knows that most of what we're buying is stuff that will be used for several years. The FuzziBunz diapers are one-size, so they will last until potty training. The car seat is convertible, so it will last from birth to 40+ pounds. Even the bedding will still fit when the crib is converted to a toddler bed. I just need to keep reminding my frugal hubby that the up-front cost is higher, but it will all work out as cheaper in the end.

06 August 2010


I have been hard at work all day preparing for tomorrow's baby shower. Combine nesting with a party where many of the guests have not yet seen our house and you get the psycho-nester. I've been scrubbing, wiping, vacuuming, organizing, sewing and painting. I am so going to need a week-long nap when this shower is over!

I managed to get both the dresser and the curtain projects completed...
Much-Improved Dresser

Minty Curtains

04 August 2010


I am feeling a bit better after some sleep and a well-placed ice pack. The ice helped numb the pain enough to get some sleep, which seems to be what I needed most. Walking is still a bit awkward, but not quite so painful. I even managed the stairs down to the office.

I have declared myself in a don't-bother-me lazy day. I know there is a lot I need to finish up before the baby shower on Saturday, but I also know that nothing will get done properly if I'm feeling horrible. I have a final coat of polyurethane to do on the dresser drawers, a normally unused bathroom to scrub and prep for guests,  tables and chairs to set up and other things that would involve far too much squatting and kneeling... and would aggravate my pelvis. It can all wait a day.

I'll be using my time today to read, knit, watch TV and play games on Pogo. Not exactly productive, but I don't mind. LOL

03 August 2010

In Pain and Can't Sleep

It is nearly five in the morning and I can't sleep. I'm just in too much pain and too hot. I started out the night curled up with Ross in my pillow nest. By the time he started snoring, I was already uncomfortable and needed to change positions. I spent the next hour or so in and out of restless sleep. I moved out to the couch, aimed a fan at myself, turned on the TV and managed to get a couple hours. I have now been up since three-ish.

The pain is from all the walking yesterday. Basically, my pubic symphysis relaxed far too early in pregnancy and excessive walking (especially up and down stairs) gets very painful. Mom, Angel, Jason, Nevaeh and I (Rosst joined us at Walmart) went shopping for groceries and last minute items for the baby shower on Saturday. We spent nearly three hours wandering around Sam's Club and another two at Walmart. Add in hauling it all in the house and up the stairs. Stairs are the worst! I could barely walk by the time we were finally done. Didn't help that I was having Braxton Hicks contractions too. Ugh!

I am happy that we now have everything here and ready except for the fresh fruit and veggies. I feel like I can relax a little bit more. I've been far too tense about the party. We've just had so much we wanted to get done before the party and Ross and I are both feeling like we can finally just relax after it's over... until Xander arrives.

01 August 2010


I'm having one of those days where I am very bored, yet I don't feel up to doing a thing. There is plenty I could do, but nothing I want to do. I feel like a whiny little kid on a rainy day or something. It looks like a good time to curl up with a good book and maybe doze off for a bit. I have all week to finish my project list, so I think I can afford an afternoon of rest.

Pregnancy: Week 32

I realized I have not updated in far too long. We have been very busy prepping for Xander's arrival and attending the usual Summer parties and reunions. Pregnancy has been fairly uneventful... thankfully.

Soapbox Derby
My favorite news is not baby related. It's a moment of auntie pride. My niece, Mackenzie, surprised a whole lot of people when she won the regional soapbox derby race. It was her very first time racing and she beat out kids and teens who had been participating for years. She ended up at the world championship in Ohio! She didn't win there, but she did very well and we are so proud of her and how far she got. Some practice and she just may win next time!

Completed Family Room
The flooring project in the family room stretched into a full-fledged remodel. Everything got painted, polished and redone. You would barely recognize the room from its original look. It is so much brighter and prettier! (I wish I had taken some before shots. All I have is in-progress pictures.) It has come a long way from dirty, 20-year-old brown carpet and badly painted, yellowed walls. The place looked (and smelled!) like a dungeon when we started.

The before and after photos of the door should give a pretty good idea of the change. This is one of the five doors we did... and each took three coats. All of the trim and window frames were painted white as well. We went with two shades of a sage green for the walls.

Dresser Before
Another project has been a dresser Ross' mom gave us. We had intended to buy the dresser that matched the crib, but Kris told us to save our money because she had a dresser for us. "It'll probably just need a coat of paint." Translation: "Better roll up your sleeves, invest in Home Depot stock, and get ready for a few headaches!" We figured we'd strip and stain it to match. It turned out to be constructed of some mysterious pressed cardboard-like material. It was stained, strongly smoke-scented and pretty beat up. It also had a fold-down top to be used as a changing table, which Kris showed us was a bit of a tipping hazard. There was even a nest of some kind in the bottom under the lowest drawer!

Dresser In Progress
We are not ones to shy away from a challenge... and Ross likes to save a buck when he can, so we came up with a game plan and went to work. It is not quite finished, but it has come a long way. I suspect that Kris will not even recognize her dresser when she sees it! It now has three coats of primer, two coats of paint and the first of two coats of polyurethane. (The picture shows what it looked like before the poly.) We removed the fold down part for safety and aesthetic reasons. The changing table pad fits within the indent on the top of the dresser, so we still have that function if we find we need it. I'm quite proud of how it looks and amazed we got such a close match to the crib.

The baby shower was pushed back two weeks because of Mackenzie's derby... it was scheduled for the same day. It has given Ross and I time to finish off some projects that we wanted done before the party. This will be the first time many people see our home. I'm looking forward to getting the shower over with so we know what we have and can tackle the list of what we still need. I really hope the whole co-ed BBQ idea goes over well and everyone has fun.