02 September 2011


Things are really not getting much better around here. Xander is still enduring painful eczema... and Ross and I continue to go crazy from lack of sleep. Due to our schedules and the office policy that requires first-time visits to be before 4:00, we can't get him in to see the allergist until the last week of September. Ross will be on vacation then.

In the meantime, we are having another go at the soy-based formula. When we tried it before, he got horrible gas. We are currently mixing half soy and half dairy to reduce the chances of tummy aches and gas. By the end of the week, he should be on full soy. It has been only two days since we started, but he slept through the night last night for the first time in over a month! He normally scratches at himself to the point of drawing blood. Today I only saw him scratch lightly at his wrist a couple of times. I'm very hopeful this is actually working... yet it will be so frustrating to find it was all that simple!

Mom's truck is breaking down again. It seems like the problems with The Beast (my nickname for her truck) come in droves. The major issue is squealing and shimmying when she steps on the breaks. The automatic windows keep shorting out, but that can be blamed on the handiwork of her brother; the wanna-be mechanic. The cooling unit is also useless. The good news is that my cousin is trying to find her a nice used car as an even-up trade for her truck. He has a successful career at a dealership and knows that Mom is struggling for the money. She will still need to get the breaks fixed to get it to him, though.

And a random moment of baby and cat...

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