04 September 2011

Little Accomplished

It was supposed to be a day to get things done, but I accomplished very little. We took Xander over to his Nana's to play for a few hours and headed home to tackle our list. I crossed off two things: tidy the house and do Mom's laundry. I got part of the second sleeve on Xander's sweater done.

We didn't even touch the major project of clearing out the two spare bedrooms that have become storage rooms. We have a deadline of sorts. There is a neighborhood rummage sale in late September or early October and I have every intention of participating because the money I make is what I'll be using to buy Ross' Yule gifts... but we need to sort out what we want to sell. I know there is plenty there to get rid of. I have boxes of clothes from my pre-weight-gain days. We had doubles of nearly everything when we moved in together, so the spares can all go... mixers, dishes, silverware, pans, etc. There are two TVs, an entertainment center, several tables, chairs, books, desks, computer gear and so much more. Not to mention all of the baby clothes and gear we've already accumulated!

It's a long weekend, so all is not lost. We may have to do it with Xander around, but we can at least get a start on the mess. Well... until we need to get around to clearing the garage for the sale. That's a whole new ballgame.

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