07 September 2011

Food Poisoning?

I walked four and a half miles today. I took a variation on my usual route to meet up with Ross at the store. The main road I need to cross to get to the store was insanely busy today and we were not getting the little walking man to signal us to cross. I decided to have Ross pick us up across the street from the store at Culvers. I wasn't going to cross if I couldn't cross safely.

I'm sort of regretting that decision. I decided to have a Pumpkin Cheesecake Concrete Mixer while I waited. It tasted so good! Within half an hour, I was running for a bathroom. Since then, I've had three more bouts of "digestive issues." Even now, my stomach and back are aching from what my body has been through. I'm debating contacting the store to say something. Does food poisoning strike that fast or could this be something else?

I just hope I'm feeling better by morning. It was bad enough that I only got four hours of sleep last night. Please, Xander, sleep tonight.

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