30 August 2009

Gretchen's Socks

Rainbow Ribs
I'm finally getting back to work on Gretchen's socks. She's about the only person that hasn't gotten a pair yet. The heel has just been started... about 12 rows in. I was keeping it simple to show off the colorway, but these things are becoming reminiscent of Ross' socks. Round after round of endless ribbing.

29 August 2009

Farmers Market

Colorful Bounty
Ross had a Saturday without overtime, so we decided to head on down to the local farmers market for the very first time. We will definitely be heading back again, but with more cash. There were booths with vegetables, fruits, pottery, jewelry, soaps, music, meats/ fish, smoothies, coffee, and more.

The picture is the few things we grabbed...  mostly organics... for $25. We got radishes, carrots, snow peas, green beans, Asian beans, kohlrabi, red potatoes, russets, cauliflower, onions, corn, and tomatoes. The same stuff at the local grocery store would have cost us about $35.

Next Saturday I hope to drag Ross into a few craft and soap booths.

27 August 2009

Editing, Knitting and Big Brother

I can't believe Ross will be home in less than an hour! It has been one of those kind of days where I've done absolutely nothing substantial but been busy all day. I've been editing old posts to add pictures. I've fixed a bunch of broken links. I only got back to late last year, so I'll be back at it later tonight or tomorrow. The goal is to clean up my posts and make the whole journal easier to navigate and read.

Cookie A Socks
I think I'm going to spend some time on my knitting projects this evening. There's a pair of socks I'd like to see finished by the end of the month and I haven't even finished the first one. It would be good to get a bit further on the baby blanket project too.

Looking forward to tonight's Big Brother episode. I'm wondering how they are going to edit the fight between Russell, Jeff and Jordan. Ever since Russell got put up on the block, he's been a royal PITA. I still can't believe that Jordan was using the kind of language she was... Russell was definitely getting to her. I would be shocked if Russell stays.

26 August 2009

Mass Delete

An old Twitter account of mine got hacked into. I had rarely used it except to keep track of updates to certain sites. Yet another hack on an unused account prompted me to go back to every old screen name (that I could remember) and delete any accounts on sites where I could or erase all info on other sites. Wow... I had a lot of old screen names! No going back to old names for me now... it's all forward from here.

24 August 2009

Still Awake

It is nearing quarter after three in the morning... and I'm not sure why I'm still up. Actually, I'm amazed I'm not tired. The stomach flu or food poisoning or whatever had me down for the last day and a half seems to have passed. Maybe it was all the sleep I got during that time that has left me so wide awake into the early morning? Whatever it is, it is going to totally throw off my schedule for a few days.

Mom came over today to get out of the house and visit. Her internet was out, so she brought along her laptop and the two of us worked on our Pogo Monopoly badges. We chatted a bit. I made lunch. We went shopping for a little while. It was just a pleasant change of pace for both of us. It's nice to see her getting her energy back so fast.

Ahhh... there was a yawn. Guess I just had to bore you all with my day. Time to try some sleep. G'night... g'morning!

22 August 2009


Ross and I have pretty much spent the day vegetating in front of our respective computers. Gretchen asked us about hanging out, because she and Shaun are kid-free for the night, but neither of us feels much like moving, really. I'm currently sprawled in bed tapping this entry out on my iPhone. I'll probably nap a bit. We are at least going to venture out to the drive-in for dinner... I have a buy one/ get one coupon. Probably spend the evening curled up on the couch watching TV, reading and/or knitting. Excitement... can you feel it?


Ross is working overtime. He left at four this morning. I never did get to sleep last night (darn Sims) and haven't slept since Ross left... now I'm overtired. He'll probably come home expecting brunch only to find me snoozing on the couch!

21 August 2009

The Usual Update Post

I just haven't been much in the mood to journal. Since I quit my job and I've been staying home most the time life has been pretty boring. I've been cleaning and organizing the house, working on knitting projects and playing games. For the first time, I now have a Sims family that I've played beyond the second generation... I'm on the fourth.

Mom is feeling pretty sick and sleepy from the chemo and radiation, but otherwise doing pretty well. Her last day of both is Monday. She is definitely excited to get some energy back. They are going to reevaluate her now and see if they can go forward with surgery. There is some concern because the tumor appeared to still be attached to the main vein of her heart despite the fact is is about a third of the size it was to start with. It is also in an awkward position at the top of her lung... basically hiding out in her breastbone and shoulder area. All we can do now is wait and see how they decide to proceed.

My Great-Aunt and Nieces
My cousin Ryan got married this past weekend. Ross and I didn't make it to the ceremony... you can't get me to sit through a church service of any length. The reception was beautiful. The food was good. Uncle Ron even sang again... although he was a bit drunk so it didn't come out so well. Ross and I were driving Mom home so we had to leave early. It sounds like most of our side was gone by ten anyway. (I unfortunately didn't get any good pictures.)

14 August 2009

Let Me Outta Here!

I'm so bored. It's not that I don't have a billion things I could be or should be doing. I just don't want to. The mugginess outside has been forcing me indoors with the AC. I think I have summertime cabin fever. Pogo, knitting, Wii, Sims 3 and cleaning can only keep me entertained for so long.

Even Selune is trying to escape...

Natural Ripples
I have at least made use of my unemployment time to get some gift knitting done. I'm making excellent progress on a baby blanket for my friend's next addition due in April. I'm starting before we know what she's having, so I kept it neutral. Actually, I like the color combo so much that I would use it to do a whole baby room if I had a kid.

The stitch pattern was from The Knitter's Bible and is very easy to memorize.  The white rows are always three repeats of the stitch pattern, but the natural rows are arranged in a pattern of three and five stitch pattern repeats. I drew it out on paper... I just hope it looks as good in reality. With only part of the pattern done, it currently looks a bit lopsided.

I am using Caron's Simply Soft Eco. It's actually made in part with recycled plastic bottles. Acrylic is not my favorite choice of material, but I needed to make it easy to care for. At least this stuff is soft and doesn't have the usual scratchy and plastic feeling of normal acrylic.

04 August 2009

Lucky To Be Alive

My cousin Josh and some of his friends were in an accident this weekend. They swerved to miss a deer and ended up rolling the car. It flipped several times over the length of a football field. All four kids walked away with only minor injuries. The car is totaled. They are lucky to have made it out alive.