06 September 2011

Elusive Sleep

I'm so tired, but I can't sleep. Xander finally fell asleep a bit after eleven and that should have been my cue to get to bed. Instead, I keep wasting minute after minute playing games on Facebook (Sims Social, anyone?) and chatting on message boards. I just know I'm going to get woken in a few hours by my dear husband that never developed the skill of getting ready quietly so the rest of the house can sleep.

Ross has to work overtime all week.  He goes in a couple hours early every day. It basically doubles his paycheck. Overtime helps us build up the nest egg, but it really messes with our family time and sleep schedule. Well, even if he was quiet in the morning, he'd probably still wake me to say goodbye. It's a sweet little morning ritual, so I can't complain... and I generally doze right back off to sleep.

I guess I'll cue up Netflix and find a movie to watch. There's a new documentary called Forks Over Knives that I've been wanting to see, although an old movie I've seen a thousand times would probably be more conducive to getting some sleep. And, there's a yawn. Perhaps I can sleep after all.

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