09 September 2011

Aches & Pains

Another lousy night of sleep. From 10pm to 4am, Xander woke up every fifteen to thirty minutes. I finally headed to bed at 4:30... hopeful that I could get a few hours of good sleep... but it was not to be. Between an aching back and two cats acting up, I barely scraped together an hour.

It was probably a bad idea to let Xander take such a long (and second) nap yesterday. I'm pretty sure that's why he didn't get solid sleep until the wee hours of the morning.

I'm pretty sure the backache is because of all the rearranging and cleaning I was doing. I moved our incredibly heavy elliptical out of the living room and into the bedroom, changed things around in the living room, cleared out some items destined for the rummage sale and steamed the dining room and living room carpets. The new layout makes the main living area look even bigger, keeps Xander out of things not intended for little hands, and allows for a better play area that contains his toys.

I really need to eat something. I'm starving this morning!

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