21 April 2010

Pregnancy: Week 18

We are now at week 18... nearly halfway there. It's going so quickly! Mom is complaining that it's quite the opposite for her, but Angel (who has taken on baby shower planning) agrees that things are moving way too fast. I have been able to feel some definite movement, especially when I drank orange juice at the comedy club on Friday. I don't think it will be much longer before Ross can feel too. He tried for a bit last night, but so far it has been more rolling than kicking sensations and those don't seem to transfer well. If I do a bit of gentle poking, I can actually locate the baby's position... and it makes him move.

We have another appointment on the 5th and we'll be scheduling the ultrasound then. Should be sometime within week 20 or 21 that we'll find out the sex. We struggled a bit with the decision to do an ultrasound. It's amazing to me that ultrasounds have never actually been tested. (Who'd want to be the one to participate in that study?) It's a bit scary to see that there has been some evidence of correlation between increased use of ultrasound and some childhood conditions. We decided that a single ultrasound should be safe... it's the increased use that is showing some concerns... and we would really like to find out the sex to better prepare us. I know a woman who had six by her third month of pregnancy and she had no previous miscarriage or concerns! It's the doctor's policy to do one every two weeks.

Mom is planning on coming over today and we're going thrift shopping. When I asked what she wanted for Mother's Day, one of the things she mentioned was clothes. We both enjoy thrifting and know our money goes much further that way, so I said I would take her thrift shopping as her Mother's Day present. For the actual day of Mother's Day, we have our usual plans with Angel and the girls... Bay Beach. We've been going there every Mother's Day since Angel and I were little.

06 April 2010

Pregnancy: Week 16

Tonight is our 16 week appointment with the midwife. We should be able to clearly hear the heartbeat today. I'm going to try to record our session with the voice recorder on my phone so that I can share with everyone. It should otherwise be a pretty boring visit... reviewing my medical history and drawing some blood for the few tests we decided to do. I have had about a dozen people tell me to call, text or otherwise contact them to let them know how it went. Seems as though everyone else is more concerned about this pregnancy than Ross or I. Should we be? Are we already bad parents or something?

01 April 2010

April Fools

I'm afraid to even bother posting anything today for fear it will not be taken seriously... so I will post something that I just found amusing. You can take it seriously if you choose.

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