09 August 2010

Xander's Baby Shower

Baby Butt Cake
Ahhhh... so glad this weekend is finally over! It was a crazy weekend, but the shower went very well and everyone had a good time. We had a great turnout. I got to see family and friends that I hadn't seen in quite awhile... and even met a few from Ross' side that weren't able to make it to the wedding last year.

Gifts Part One
We had our usual boatload of food and a lot of people brought dishes to pass, too. Ross was King of the Grill. He whipped out about 75 burgers (beef, turkey and veggie), 75 brats and 40 hot dogs in less than an hour! We actually had far fewer leftovers than normal, so our guests must have meant it when they said everything tasted great. The star of the show was the baby butt cake that Angel made. Too cute for words!

Gifts Part Two
Everyone was very generous with the gifts. It will definitely help us out when it comes to being prepared for Xander. The only doubles we got were the highchairs and bottle drying racks... both of which are not really bad things to have extra of. We still need some of the big stuff, but we were also given plenty in cash and gift cards to take a bite out of that expense. My favorite item was the blanket my mom made. She definitely knows my style and it will work beautifully with the colors we have planned for his bedroom. (It's the cream blanket with brown ribbon hanging over the edge of the crib.)

Gifts Part Three
Now I get to tackle the fun part... putting it all away and determining what we still need. The things that first come to mind are the cloth diapers, mattress, car seat, breast pump, pack and play (for rooming with us at night) and bedding. Ross is going to have a minor heart attack when he goes to pay the next credit card bill, but he knows that most of what we're buying is stuff that will be used for several years. The FuzziBunz diapers are one-size, so they will last until potty training. The car seat is convertible, so it will last from birth to 40+ pounds. Even the bedding will still fit when the crib is converted to a toddler bed. I just need to keep reminding my frugal hubby that the up-front cost is higher, but it will all work out as cheaper in the end.

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