12 August 2010

Pregnancy: Week 34

I can't believe it's already week 34! Three more weeks and I'm considered full term. Mom accompanied me to the appointment with the midwife yesterday. Apparently, Xander has already settled himself quite deeply into my pelvis. To quote Marijke, "Wow! The little guy is really down there!" Well, I guess now I know why I've had that "gotta go" feeling so constantly. He is taking up every bit of space available to him... head right down in my pelvis, butt poking out my side and feet buried up under my ribs. Being short-waisted strikes once again!

After we left the birth center, we went thrifting to pick up a few more outfits and hunt down a swing and/or bouncy seat. Letting Mom loose in the infant section verges on dangerous. LOL Goodwill's selection was a disappointment, but we did well at Savers. We found about ten or twelve shirts, a jacket, four pants, crib sheets, receiving blankets (to be cut up as baby wipes), a brand new fleece blankie and a bouncer.

I have been fully enjoying complete laziness the last few days. It has been nice to really not have anything to worry about except the reading recommended by the midwives. Dinners were pretty much covered by leftovers from the shower. Even cleaning has taken a back burner to relaxation. I'm sure I'll find a happy medium within a week or so, but for now the laziness is needed and appreciated. I'm lucky to have a husband that is okay with it.

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