26 August 2010

Pregnancy: Week 36

The final week to officially being full term. We had our first of the weekly meetings with our midwives. I love my midwives, but going in for weekly appointments feels so tedious. Yes, he's still moving. Yes, I'm eating well... except the sweets and fried foods I've been craving. No, I don't have any questions. Oh look, my BP, weight and measurements are all right on track... again. *Insert small talk here.* And, we're out the door to do it all over the next week.

I wish I could schedule that time to have them come over and do the things I've been procrastinating on. That would be more helpful. Anyone want to pack the list of stuff the require and recommend for delivery day? Ross got the suitcase out of storage and onto the ottoman at the foot of the bed. He did that a week ago. We call this progress. I still need to track down and purchase a robe... well, a robe that doesn't look like the "housecoats" that my grandma wears. And, we need to buy the snacks we'll be consuming during labor. I have this feeling we'll be dropping by the store to grab this stuff on the way to the birth center.

So, yeah... as I mentioned in a slightly more sarcastic tone in the first paragraph, everything is going well. Measurements are all right on track with a textbook pregnancy. My weight is hovering just below my pre-pregnancy weight. For someone who started the pregnancy overweight, this is considered a very good thing. It's especially impressive when I've been almost homicidal in acquiring sweet and fried foods. Xander's heartbeat is steady and strong and he is firmly in place (head down, tush against my ribs, feet under my ribs) to take on birth. A few more days and we're safely go for launch!

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