18 August 2010

Pregnancy: Week 35

Today is the first day of my 35th week. Two more weeks (September 1) and I'm considered full term. I have been convinced Xander is coming early, so I am anxiously waiting for that magic day to come and then I will relax a bit. If I go into labor before September 1, we lose our nice calm birth center birth and have an "emergency" birth at the hospital.

The Braxton Hicks act up if I do anything but sit around. I went shopping with Angel and Mackenzie on Monday and had to pause for a break several times. The SPD only seems to get bad at night or when I walk a lot, but basic daily cleaning and activities don't aggravate it. The nighttime issue comes when I want to turn over. The suggestion to keep your legs pressed together as you flip over seems to make it feel worse. I swear, an average flip in bed takes me about ten minutes!

We're mostly set on the baby gear necessities. We decided to go ahead and get an infant car seat even though the car seat we got is suitable for use from five to fifty pounds. The stroller we purchased has a matching car seat that fits into it and that seemed the best way to go. It's supposed to be a mild autumn, so we figured we'll get some use out of it in its stroller function also. It even comes with a bunting that matches for keeping baby extra warm.

The Wrong Color
Still waiting on the baby bedding. Babies 'r' Us messed up on the order and sent the girl version... for all three items. It was really obvious from the moment I opened the shipping box that we had the wrong stuff. It screamed pink! (It even says pink.) We have to return the wrong set and wait for them to contact us about the correct set. They have to contact the manufacturer (who did the actual shipping) to determine how and why we got the wrong set. Still waiting on an answer and I got the shipment on Friday... it's now Wednesday. The customer service rep I spoke with suspected that the set we wanted was out of stock, so the people packing figured the other set would be close enough. Not even! It is the only set Ross and I both liked, so we need to get this sorted out ASAP.

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