10 August 2010

Baby Shopping

There were a few major items to get yet after the baby shower. Rather than continuing to procrastinate, we pulled out the ol' credit card and fired up a secure internet connection for some shopping.

First on the list was diapers. We decided to cloth diaper for economical and environmental reasons. To keep it simplified (and to guarantee Ross' help changing diapers), we opted for one-size pocket diapers. The FuzziBunz came highly recommended over and over... plus they're just cute!

We then looked to cover all of the sleeping and travel necessities. We already have the crib, but no mattress. Well, we have a mattress Ross' mom gave us, but it is strongly smoke-odored and losing firmness so we won't use it. We found a reasonable-priced and well-reviewed Sealy crib to toddler bed mattress. For his early days, we decided to keep Xander in our room. Many people recommended the Pack 'n' Play route for those who don't want to buy a bassinet for that short time. This one by Safety 1st is what we decided on. I like the basic brown and the features... Ross likes the price. We didn't forget the car seat! We decided to skip the infant seat and go to one that works from infant to toddler and for rear- and forward-facing. Safety 1st won out here, too. Toss in a jogging stroller by BabyTrend and a Snugli carrier by Evenflo and we're set for sleeping and travel.

Oh! The bedding! We remembered that too. Our original plan had been a castle/ fleur de lis/ dragon theme, but the bedding we had originally chosen has been discontinued. Ross and I perused several sites that sold baby bedding and finally found one we both liked. It's still the same neutral browns and creams of the original set, but features teddy bears instead of fleur de lis. It's youthful without being overly cutesy.

Other than odds and ends (and a breast pump), we're pretty much set for awhile. It feels like we can relax a little bit... at least until this all shows up and we have to figure out what to do with it all!

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