04 August 2010


I am feeling a bit better after some sleep and a well-placed ice pack. The ice helped numb the pain enough to get some sleep, which seems to be what I needed most. Walking is still a bit awkward, but not quite so painful. I even managed the stairs down to the office.

I have declared myself in a don't-bother-me lazy day. I know there is a lot I need to finish up before the baby shower on Saturday, but I also know that nothing will get done properly if I'm feeling horrible. I have a final coat of polyurethane to do on the dresser drawers, a normally unused bathroom to scrub and prep for guests,  tables and chairs to set up and other things that would involve far too much squatting and kneeling... and would aggravate my pelvis. It can all wait a day.

I'll be using my time today to read, knit, watch TV and play games on Pogo. Not exactly productive, but I don't mind. LOL

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