18 March 2011

Training For Bellin

Bellin Run 2011
I have started following the training program for the upcoming Bellin Run. I promised my sister and nieces that Xander and I would walk with them this year. Xander and his soon-to-be cousin Leila will be riding in strollers… lucky ducks! I’m following the walking schedule because my body is just not ready to jump right into running a marathon. The weather didn’t cooperate with the walk routine scheduled for today, but my aching shins could use a bit of a break, I guess.

Wii Fit Plus
I was all set to do extra activities on WiiFit to make up for the lost walking time, but the disc refuses to work. I play it a lot, so it is disappointing that it died on me. It’s not a very strenuous workout, but it does get the heart rate up if you put a lot into it. I like the balance games best.

Active Life
I decided to pull Active Life: Outdoor Challenge from retirement instead. I had forgotten how great of a workout it is! Within just a few minutes after turning it on, I had already run, stomped, “skated”, jumped rope and paddled. It’s a cute game and I can’t figure out why I ever put it aside.

I’m trying to up my elliptical time as well. I haven’t exercised much at all since Xander was born. I have been just plain tired! It was sad that i was already growing tired after only 20 minutes. I definitely need to get back in shape… I’ve really lost a lot of stamina in just the past year.

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