03 March 2011

Cancer Fears

Lung Cancer Awareness
There was some concern over the last few months that Mom’s cancer had returned. Her bi-annual checkup was in January and they found a spot on the scans. There was a biopsy performed, but the surgeon admitted that he was not satisfied with the sample he acquired so they wanted to retest in a few months. Mom has been so stressed that there was cancer being allowed to run rampant in her body in order to let it grow enough to be easier to find.

A few days ago, when she was retested, her fears were made worse when the tech said, “You see your doctor soon, right?” immediately after the exam. For the next several days she waited and waited. We were both stressed and our constant snapping at each other showed it. It was a very long wait.

It turned out all the stress was for nothing… still cancer free! Go Mom!

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