01 March 2011

Reunited By Facebook

It has been over fifteen years since I talked to my grade school into high school best friend. Val and I lost track of each other after my family moved a few times. I attempted to reach her through her parents, but they didn’t approve of our friendship… she became much more outgoing and less focused on education once we became friends. We both were straight A students, but she would no longer cry when an A+ was a regular ol’ A or A-. I’m not even sure Val’s parents ever told her I called. Probably not.

When MySpace came on to the scene, I was so hopeful that she would sign up and I would finally find her. I searched for her name once a week, but never found her. Then Facebook came along. I signed up in the days when you still needed a college email account to even gain access. I knew my friend had planned to go to college, so odds were good. It wasn’t until just a few days ago, via a “People You May Know” link on another friend’s profile, that I finally found her!

I sent off a message to her. I wasn’t entirely sure if it was her, because she was sporting a new surname and the profile picture was unclear. I quickly got a message back. We wrote back and forth a couple of times and then exchanged phone numbers.

Last night, I called her. I recognized her voice immediately. We spent the next two hours catching up… talking about family, our spouses, what we’ve been up to, and just chatting about everyday stuff. It felt like we had never lost track of each other. We’re already planning to meet up when she’s in the area.

I now have both of my good childhood friends back in my life. It feels good.

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