20 January 2010


I think I may be pregnant again. I haven't said anything to anyone... except Ross, of course. We haven't confirmed it with a test yet, but all the symptoms are there: late period, swollen breasts, heartburn, nausea, and extreme exhaustion. With what happened last time, I'm hesitant to tell anyone until we get past that three month mark (which is why this post will be private until I reveal the news). I will tell Mom and Angel once we have a positive test, because I know they would both be upset that I didn't tell them if the pregnancy continues.

It's a great thing that I had set the resolutions that I did. I'd even started taking a multi-vitamin just to make sure I was covered on nutrients. Giving up soda last pregnancy was wicked, but I think the head start this time will make it easier. I also feel stronger and more energetic with the dietary changes. That will be a plus!

I plan to maintain a modified version of my fitness plan throughout the pregnancy. Obviously, I will increase my calorie intake, but I will not be surprised if I lose a bit of weight rather than gain.

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