09 January 2010

Caffeine & Egg Free (Almost)

On day nine without eggs... day five without caffeine. Funny how giving up those are far harder than giving up meat was. I feel really good about it. I can do this. Next step is the dairy. That will probably be next year's resolution. So, my long-term goal is vegan by 2012.

I should clarify that I've given up eggs cooked straight up and in any baked goods that I make. I am still working on the purchased goods. The tough part there is always the mystery ingredients... and the hubby that thinks I'm insane and also insists that we use up what's already in the house. LOL

The caffeine has been easier to give up this time. My withdrawal headaches normally go on for days and I finally give in and crack open a Dew to relieve the pain. This time, the headaches only lasted two days. I've been drinking a lot of water and juice, which I think is helping. Tonight will be the first challenge. Ross and I are going to the theater and we always order a gut-buster soda to split. I'll have to order (or sneak in) a bottled water and have Ross keep the soda on his far side.

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