03 January 2010

Funeral and Mitts

Taking a road trip tomorrow. I just wish it were under happier circumstances. Aunt Bonnie's funeral is tomorrow evening in Madison and I'll be traveling down with my mom, Uncle Pete and Aunt Phyllis. Ross won't be coming along because he has to work. If he takes off tomorrow then he will lose all of his holiday pay. It's just not worth $900 for him to attend the funeral of an aunt of mine that he met once. It has been a long time since I've been that way. It will be good to catch up with some family that I haven't seen in awhile... well, since my Aunt Marge's funeral last year at Christmas.

Brown and Blue Mitt
I'm working on a pair of mitts to go with my brown bomber jacket. I'm hoping to have them done by tomorrow. I'm almost done with the first one. Because I'm working with a hand-dyed brown and blue cashmere/wool blend, I decided to go with simple ribbing. I liked the fit of the Hedgerow Mitts that I made previously, so I am using that pattern but omitting the texture stitch. I didn't want the busy yarn to clash with the busy texture. I'll be making this pair considerably shorter in the arm, a little shorter in the thumb and on a smaller needle than the last pair to get an even better fit.

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