07 January 2010

Keeping Busy

Well, I still haven't finished those mitts or Ross' socks. All that knitting for the last several months was horrible... way too much sitting and not enough of my usual activity. I've been focusing more on not sitting around. I am keeping the knitting to just before bed... when Ross is reading.

I spent most of yesterday cleaning cupboards and closets. The closets had gotten a bit out of hand because I wasn't spending much time folding and hanging laundry... I was just putting the baskets of clean clothes in the closet. I folded and hung six baskets of laundry yesterday, while washing and drying all the curtains, sheets and pet blankets. I also reorganized and wiped out all of the kitchen cupboards and bathroom cabinets. Even my desk got an overhaul. I'll leave Ross' desk for him to deal with!

I'm also getting back to my old workout schedule. I was knitting while on the elliptical and Wii, but with the knitting set aside I can get a much more intense workout. Today will probably be the usual two hours of elliptical (one done already) and half hour on Wii Fit. I also plan to play DDR for half an hour or so.

I've quit drinking soda... again. I'm on day three and the headaches are gone already. It's normally the headaches that make me break down and drink soda again, so I am very hopeful I can finally do it this time.

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