15 January 2010

Sticking to the Resolutions

Fifteen days into the new year and I'm still doing very well. I haven't had a bit of soda and I've been able to avoid eggs in pretty much everything but the vegetarian sausages I had for dinner the night we surprised Mom for her birthday. I've even ended up cutting out a lot of sweets from my diet. I didn't even have a piece of Mom's birthday cake... but I did put some of the leftover peanut butter frosting on a graham cracker. I've mostly filled my sweet cravings with fruit and juice. I survived the theater soda trap, too. They serve a sugar-free lemonade!

My workouts haven't been very consistent, but I've been busy with a family genealogy project... transcribing a story written by the daughter of the first of my maternal grandfather's family to come to America. It's been an interesting read. I'm retyping it from bad photocopies so that we can include it with our other findings. Aunt Vicki, Mom, Grandma and Grandpa have been working on it for awhile now.

Ross is thinking of trying to switch positions at work. His company is doing really well, but his department has not been affected by all the new contracts. He's bored out of his mind lately. Every night when he comes home and I ask how his day was I always hear, "Long and boring. Spent most the day sitting on a stool and playing games on my iPhone." I completely understand him wanting to move positions. I hate to sit around all day, because it makes for a very long day.

Well, when I asked Ross what he wanted for his birthday, he told me he wanted the mate to the sock I gave him for Yule. Guess I better get to work... I haven't even finished the cuff!

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