03 December 2009

Yule Gift Knitting

Socks Underway
On a lighter note... as it started snowing here in Wisconsin, it also started snowing on WordPress blogs. Cute, eh? Just the thing to boost my holiday spirit and get me working harder on my gift knitting.

I've been working on Monkeys for both of my mothers-in-law. Theresa's are the completed orange, pink and brown pair. Kris' are the red, yellow and black pair in progress.

I also have basic ribbed socks for Ross... at his not-so-subtle request. Those are the speckled-looking black ones.

The aqua-colored socks are the first of many quick slipper socks that will be gifted to a few friends and family... dependent on how many I can get done. My nieces will be among the recipients... along with a "real" gift, of course! What kid really likes getting socks?

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