27 December 2009

Holiday Wrap-Up

Despite a rocky start, the holidays went pretty well. Mom, Ross and I gathered with Angel and the girls at their place. It was a cozy little dinner with those that mean the most to me. The girls seemed to really like their new socks... although the gift cards seemed to go over better. We ventured out into the icy weather to look at lights around the neighborhood. Mackenzie insisted we go see the city's grandest estate because she was convinced it would be decked out... the house is nothing short of amazing but there were no decorations.We came back to find that Santa had dropped by. It was the first time the girls experienced Santa like their mom and I used to have.  Santa always came while they were sleeping, but he had to make some changes to his schedule because their dad was picking them bright and early the next morning. We spent the next several hours playing with the girls' new toys... particularly Band Hero.

We spent the next evening at Ross' dad's house. The usual suspects were present for the exchange of presents. Theresa was wearing her new socks before the night was over. Eating, chatting, opening gifts, more games on the Wii (this time it was Sports Resort) and finished off the night watching the latest Star Trek movie. Poor Ross had to keep explaining why the storyline wasn't staying true to the series.

Now Ross and I are just enjoying some quiet time around the house. We didn't even venture out to shovel the driveway or get the mail yet. We'll be finishing off the year with a gathering at Gretchen and Shaun's house. It'll be nice not to travel so far on New Year's Eve... maybe then we can enjoy a touch more of the spirits without worrying about the long drive home from Ray's. I'm glad that the bulk of the holiday madness is over and I'm ready for the new year. The whole Yulegate mess will be set aside and life will go on... minus a few relatives.

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