03 December 2009

Can No One In this Family Stay Healthy ?

Well, the family has been busy being sick. Just the highlights...

Grandpa gave us quite a scare a few days ago. He was brought in after collapsing at home. He was losing blood without a known cause. The severe lack of blood caused a heart attack. They couldn't find the bleed because the hip surgery he had just went through had required the use of the dye they needed to find the bleed. Using the dye so closely together would have caused liver failure in his already weakened liver. We were pretty sure we were going to lose him... but he pulled through once again!

Mom was scheduled for her final chemo treatment last week, but they had to cancel it because her blood counts were down too low. She went in yesterday for it and they had to reduce the dosage to about half because she wasn't feeling well. So, lucky her, there will be another session next Wednesday. She's so sick of taking the pharmacy of pills and feeling lousy.

Grandma has been getting her cataracts dealt with. They were getting to the point that it seemed to hurt her to have her eyes open. She was constantly using eye drops. She kept putting it off because of Mom, but mom convinced her to get it done before they got un-repairable. She had surgery on one eye last week and the other eye today. It sounds like that should go well.

My friend Gretchen's mom is not doing well at all. Her cancer has spread so far and so quickly that they just couldn't get control of it. The lesions are in her brain, so the family has to deal with the unfortunate side effects... confusion, memory loss, and clumsiness. It has been very hard on Gretchen. She is pregnant with her second child and due in April. She had hoped her mom would live to see her grandson, but now they just pray she makes it to share one last Christmas with them.

Please help me to keep them all in prayers.

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