09 December 2009

Snow Day!

Peaceful Snow
It's not often the adults take a snow day, but a blizzard dumped a ton of snow on us last night. The roads are coated in snow and the plows just can't keep up. I don't think we've gotten this much snow in one storm for about ten years... and it's still going. It was bad enough that Ross took the day off.

I would have preferred that Mom didn't insisted on going to chemo by herself. Her truck is on its last leg as it is... then add the post-chemo exhaustion and heavy snow. She's promised to keep me notified, but I wish she had just rescheduled. At this point, she made it to the hospital. She said she had the truck in four-wheel-drive and it was clicking and clanking worse than ever. Thanks, Mom... that makes me feel so much better. I'd be there if we could get out of the driveway!

Guess it's a good day to get some more knitting done. I have one of Kris' socks done now. I haven't even finished the cuff on Ross' first sock. Of course he wants regular height socks that he can fold over or scrunch up! This snow day is going to mean the loss of about three inches of progress, but I should be able to get the other of Kris' socks done. I'm also hoping to finish a few pairs of slipper socks before the week is done.

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