18 February 2011


I am so tired. Xander was awake... though clearly tired... until well past his usual down time. He laid quietly in his crib while I pumped milk. Then I tried to sleep. Xander wasn't having any of that! No, sir! *My head hit the pillow and the crying started. I wait a moment in hopes that he'll just quiet down. No luck. I get up, take him from his crib and cuddle him. In moments he is deep asleep. I wait through five minutes of deep sleep... trying desperately not to fall asleep myself... and then place him back in his crib. I head back to bed. Repeat from the * for the next two hours.

Finally I wise up and grab his swing. After feeding him yet another small bottle and wondering where he fits it all, I put him on the swing and turn it on. He finally slept... as I stared into the dark unable to sleep because of the annoying clicking noise of his swing. Pure exhaustion finally dragged me into sleep at some point. He woke up about every hour or so, but at least I was getting snippets of sleep.

Today I'm exhausted. He, on the other hand, is wide awake and cheery as can be. I need a nap... apparently he doesn't.

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