03 February 2011

Catching Up: Part 3- The Holidays

Xander and Santa
My holiday season started off rather crappy. Selune had carried around a small stuffed toy of Xander's and left it smack in the middle of one of the steps leading to the family room. I was carrying a handful of stuff, didn't see it and ended up slipping down nearly the entire flight of stairs. My tailbone hit the lowest step at the same time my mid-back slammed into the edge of a higher step.

For a few days I thought it would be fine, but then it started to hurt... a lot. I kept going through the pain through the holiday madness, sleepless nights with a teething baby and various other drama. I finally paid a visit to my doctor a few weeks ago and was prescribed a breastfeeding-friendly regimen of Tylenol, back exercise and rest. Hah! Rest? LOL The good news is that it's feeling much better. The bad news is that the pain went away about the time I caught strep throat from my nieces. *sigh* It never ends!

Matching Hats By Mommy
The holidays kept us very busy. With the new baby, we suddenly became quite the hot commodity. Ross and I did our best to have a calm little Yule celebration between ourselves. We got Xander a few toys and some clothes. We are saving the big purchases for when he's old enough to remember. I knit matching hats for Ross and Xander. Ross got some slippers and a sweater from me. He got me the laptop I wanted so desperately (to replace the one that fried on me)... it also counts as my birthday and anniversary gift.

Christmas Eve was at Mom's house. There was some drama with Angel over the evening. She told us she couldn't make it because she had other plans... yet she wouldn't tell us what those other plans were. She claimed later on to have used the time to wrap Santa gifts for the girls, but I don't buy it. She had plenty of opportunities to explain that to us when the girls were not around, but didn't.

Santa, Bear and Nana
Mom, Grandma, Ross, Xander and I had a very pleasant night. We went out to view lights around town. We came back and had our traditional Christmas Eve feast and opened presents. Xander got an adorable outfit from Mom, another cute outfit from Grandpa and Mary and a gift card from Grandma. Ross and I both got comfy new pj's from Mom. Grandma gave us chocolates and a pumpkin bread kit with a pretty serving dish.

Princess Gazes at Bear
Christmas Day we started with a short visit at Grandpa's and Mary's house where they stuffed us with food from a party they had the night before for her family. Grandpa loved the lumberjack-look flannel I had Xander dressed in. It matches a favorite shirt of his almost exactly and really makes Xander's similarity to Grandpa stand out. We headed out from there to Ross' cousin Michelle's house. My back was really hurting by now, so I really don't remember a lot of our time there... other than their amazing new home. We couldn't stay long because we had to get to Angel's for dinner. It was pretty uneventful there. There was a bit of tension because of the scheduling issues. Angel got Xander a ball pit and some sweet little sleepers.

Collage Frame
The day after Christmas was at Ross' dad's house. Ross' dad, step-mom, sister, step-siblings and nephews were all there. We had our name-draw gift exchange between the siblings. I got a gift card for iTunes and Ross got another cool dragon figure for his collection. Xander got more money and some fun toys from everyone. Ross and I got a photo collage frame that will be a wonderful way to display all the pictures I keep sticking on the fridge.

It was a nice holiday, but I was definitely happy to just stay in my pj's on the 27th and not do a darn thing!

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