10 February 2011

Making the Rounds

Nevaeh, Xander and a Friend
Yesterday was a loooong day. Seemed like we ran all over the area!

Nevaeh was Student of the Week, so she was allowed to invite some family to come eat lunch with her at school. Mom, Xander and I ate with her, her teacher and two of her best friends. She has a very sweet teacher who is great with the students. It was fun to see all the new technology available in the classrooms.

Nevaeh was so excited to see that I brought along Xander. Her classmates were ooh-ing and aah-ing all over him and she was walking around holding him like a very proud cousin. Xander proved he is a very social little baby... despite not feeling well from getting his shots and teething, he was all smiles and hamming it up.

Xander and Great-Grandpa
After we left the school, we headed out to Grandpa's and Mary's house to visit... it was on our way in a scenic route way. Grandpa has not really been doing well, so Mom wanted to check in on him. Heart issues, aneurisms, and several other problems have been piling up as he gets older. The doctors have been saying there's nothing more they can do for years now... yet they keep doing and he keeps going. In the event that anything happens, I'm glad we caught some moments of Xander with his Great Grandpa.

Xander and Cousin Nick
While we were at Grandpa's my cousin Nick called to see if Grandpa and Mary were coming to see his new apartment. When Nick found out Mom, Xander and I were there, he told Granpa to have us come along too. He has a very nice new apartment and lots of great plans for decorating it to make it his own. He has some great ideas for making a mantel. I can't wait to see what everything looks like when he's got it all done.

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