02 February 2011

Catching Up: Part 2- Going Home

Mommy and Baby
On an average day I was at Xander's side from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM with Mom and then back from 5:30 PM to 9:00 PM with Ross. During that time I noted that the doctors were there maybe 10 to 15 minutes each day. On the day I requested the car seat test, the doctor who was normally nowhere to be seen after 2:00 PM had left and then come back around quarter to three. She sat at the nurses station and repeatedly moved her watchful eyes from us to her watch to the wall clock and around again.

Nana Reads to Xander
Apparently she realized we were looking a little more settled in than normal for that time of day. We had decided to stay and contacted Ross to just come up to the hospital. Some things that had gone on had us feeling as though they were extending his stay beyond necessary... most likely for financial reasons.... and we were concerned the test would go differently if we weren't there. We'd met some of the other NICU parents and many of them talked about similar feelings. It could explain why they have a strict "no interaction" policy among the NICU patients and their families. One of the parent had four children and all had been in NICU at different hospitals and this was the first hospital she experienced these issues and the no interaction policy... apparently all the other hospitals actually had support groups for the parents. Hmmmm.

Daddy and Xander
They finally started the test about five minutes to three. The doctor hung around the entire hour of the test... and then disappeared for an hour after it. It wasn't until then that we were told he passed. We had seen the nurses tell other patients their children passed, yet we were told we had to wait for the doctor. She came up to us and said that they had decided they would allow us to take Xander home but it was against their better judgement. Really? Are you sure you weren't influenced a bit by us commenting that we would transfer him to another hospital if he wasn't released? For the record, his pediatrician, several people I know in the medical field, and our midwives could not understand why he was still in the hospital at that point anyway.

So, on his three-week birthday and after two hours of baby care "education," we finally got to walk out of the hospital!

Mom took us out for a celebration dinner at a local steakhouse/ sandwich shop we've frequented since my sister and I were little kids. It's still one of my favorite places... and surprisingly vegetarian friendly. Xander got all kinds of attention and all he did was lie there sleeping! He woke shortly into dinner and spent his time quietly looking around and taking it all in. You could almost feel how much more relaxed we all were... even Xander.

Cats in the Crib
We drove home, anxious to see how the cats would take to him. The poor cats had barely seen us for the past three weeks and were growing desperate for attention. We were greeted at the door as usual. Ross set the carrier down on the floor and they both approached it cautiously, sniffing the air the whole time. Xander made a little squeak and the cats bolted. That's pretty much how they reacted for the next week. Pandora still keeps her distance, but Selune took to him pretty quickly. She even gets a bit protective when anyone other than Ross, Mom or myself is holding him. When Mom's little chihuahua mix got near and tried to sniff Xander, Selune stood between them and hissed. It was hilarious!

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