02 October 2009

Visit With Mom

I had just picked up my phone and tapped to the contacts list to look up the hospital's number when my phone switched to the incoming call screen. Grandma was calling to give me Mom's direct line. I called up right after I hung up with Grandma.

Mom is feeling considerably better, although getting annoyed with some of her family... they are less-than-genuine about their concern and/or needlessly angry over her ex-boyfriend's reappearance. She asked me to come up and sit with her, which I had planned to do anyway last night. She needed some time with someone she felt was there out of genuine concern... not out of obligation as family or because it impresses their friends that they are so involved.

When I walked in her room later, she looked considerably better and happy to see I brought more flowers and candy. Mom's long-time friend Karen arrived and Grandma left shortly after I arrived. Karen and I kept her laughing for a few hours. She kind of paid for all that laughter later on, but didn't seem to mind too much. It felt good to laugh after all the seriousness of the last months.

The tubes for drainage, the epidural catheter and most of the other tubes and wires should be gone today. She can't wait, because then she can sit more comfortably and be able to walk around without the entire entourage of nurses hauling machinery.

I'll probably go up to visit her again tonight after Ross gets off work. She really seemed to need the company, but more the kind that is just there... not the ones she has to feel obligated to visit with.

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