07 October 2009


Mom came home from the hospital today... well, actually it's now after midnight... yesterday. Her surgeon said she was ready to go. Her pulmonary doctor(?) wasn't as comfortable with letting her go. Apparently there were a few complications with the recent bronchoscopy and he didn't get as much "stuff" as he wanted to out of her lungs.

Mom was only home for about an hour on her own when she called to ask if I minded coming to stay with her. Apparently my dear hubby couldn't live without me for a few days... he suggested she come stay with us until she's ready to be on her own. The decision was probably easier to make now that she's a non-smoker.

So, now she's downstairs in the family room which has been converted into a bit of a guest room/ hospital room. She seems much more at ease and is actually getting some much needed rest. It will be nice to have the company for a little while.

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