02 October 2009


It was a very productive morning... and then a very nonproductive afternoon and evening. I went on a cleaning spree first thing this morning. Cupboards were cleared out, closets were organized, floors were mopped and steamed and all the basic cleaning was done. I even worked in a call to Mom as I cleaned. After supper, I sat down to watch some TV with Ross and woke with a start three hours later. Guess I wore myself out!

Not even a minute after I woke, my phone beeped with a text from Angel to let me know Mom was worried I hadn't called again. I called up Mom. She told me she had a rough day. Apparently they had to leave the tubes in and restart suction because one of her lungs had started to collapse. As of the time I talked to her, she was doing better but still hadn't gotten much sleep. She is getting quite cranky with the nurses, therapists and doctors.

Angel and I are both going up to visit tomorrow and then going over to her apartment to clean. Mom is quitting smoking and has asked us to help rid the house, as much as possible, of the odors and ashtrays.

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