18 October 2009

Rebate Debate: Mattress or Appliances

Up late... again. I was up late last night and slept in, plus that mattress is horrible and I really don't want to go to bed. I always wake up sore. It's pretty bad when I would rather sleep on our sectional; where the connections between each section dig into your hip. We really need a new mattress.

Ross and I are still debating on how we should spend the tax rebate. We both know a mattress is reaching the point of essential. We also know that the appliances that were in this house when we bought it needed to be replaced very quickly, because they were old and on their last leg. That was over two years ago.

The debate is furthered if we decide on appliances. Within the next five years, we intend to completely gut the main level of the house... creating a "great room" with a larger kitchen, dining and living area. We will then convert the existing family room into a master suite. The project will leave us with the great room, a powder room and an office/ bedroom on the main floor. The master suite with bathroom, other two bedrooms, second bathroom, and laundry room would all be on the other floor. Our kitchen will essentially end up where our bedroom is now. With the way the project is designed we can do it in phases, starting with the master suite, and have a functional kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms at all times. The debate is... do we buy the appliances we want in the new kitchen right now or just buy cheap appliances for now and get the good ones when the kitchen project is done?

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