20 September 2009

Thank You

I've been quite impressed, shocked and honored by how quickly my Nippers pattern has taken off. It has been queued and added to favorites lists numerous times. It has already been downloaded 40 times. I can't wait to start seeing all the ways this pattern can be interpreted and all the wonderful yarns everyone knits them up in! Thank you all very much!

I am currently working on the  neutral anklets for my wide ankles, a variegated version of the Nippers using some amazing SockPixie Cashmino, the other of the Exploded Rib socks for my sister (also in Cashmino), and the Neutral Ripples baby blanket for my friend. The baby blanket is another oft-requested pattern that I hope to have available sometime next month.

Right now I am attempting avoid the living room, which has temporarily been converted to man cave for the Packer game. I'm taking a break from catching up on Grey's Anatomy while knitting and hiding in our bedroom. For some strange reason I can't recall (work, maybe?) I quit watching in the second season. I'm nearing the end of the second season now and wishing I had never stopped watching.

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