08 September 2009


Modified Catnip
I had a problem with the Catnip socks that I was working on for Mom. I was working the short-row heel, so it was at a precarious position... and I set it down to head to the bathroom. I came back to find it unraveled and wrapped around both cats. I have enough issue with short-rows without adding the frustration of two day's work getting unraveled. I wound all the yarn back up and set it aside for a few days.

The catnip stitch pattern was still stuck in my head. I liked it and wanted to use it... I just didn't want to revisit the ruined pair. So I made my own design. I spread apart the stitch pattern, added ribbing for the snug fit Mom enjoys, and started knitting. So far, I am really liking how it is looking. I like it enough that I am already working out a similar but more complicated version. I'm referring to these as "Nippers" to pay homage to the design that inspired them.

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