19 September 2009

Talk Like a Backwards Pirate?

Today is Mackenzie's eighth birthday party. party themed-backwards a is It. I'm still trying to figure out how I am going to put up my hair backwards... and still be able to see. Arrrrrr, 'tis also "Talk Like a Pirate" day, matey... so I am trying to figure out how to tie that in to the whole mess. No reason to make the effort other than it's just me.

Neutral Socks
Having finished Mom's Nippers, I was down to a mere three socks on the needles at the moment... so I started another pair. This is going to be mindless stockinette socks (in a neutral browns and blacks colorway from Vinca) that I will mostly work on while in the waiting room for mom's lung surgery the 29th. A lot of family will be there and I have a hard time chatting and following a lace pattern at the same time.

I haven't talked much about what is all going on with Mom. There really hasn't been much to say. It was mostly show up for treatments, sit in the hospital for hours, and then go home and sleep. Now that the chemo is mostly out of her system, they are ready to go ahead with surgery. The plan is to remove the entire lobe that the tumor is in. The tests indicate that it has stayed contained within that area. They don't know if the tumor is away from her vena cava... they won't until they get in there... so it is somewhat exploratory. If it is still attached and won't suction off cleanly, then they will have to explore other options to get rid of it.

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