22 September 2009

It's a SmallWorlds After All

Kind of feeling a bit let down by House. I won't go into details... don't want to spoil it for those who haven't watched yet.

I was up early again today. I woke up before Ross' alarm first went off, so I'm guessing it was prior to 4:30. I grabbed my laptop to play a few games on Pogo. I didn't want to wake Ross by turning on the light and I wasn't quite awake enough to want to get out from under the covers. (We left the windows open last night and it was pretty chilly in here.) I got bored working on my Monopoly Slots badge, so I wandered onto Facebook to visit Yoville. Not much to do there, so I ended up on their forums to see if I could figure out why people actually enjoy the game. Haha... the first post I saw was complaining about the game being boring. Someone in the post mentioned a site called SmallWorlds. Curiosity got me... I searched and found and joined and played. So far I'm still working on the tutorial missions, which have had me exploring the "world" and playing games. It seems fun and I'll visit again.

If anyone wants to join me, let me know and I'll send an invite. You can join all on your own, but I'll like it even better if you ask me to invite because they reward for inviting. If you join, be sure to look me up. I'm there under the name Sionna Koehnae. I'll be the one wandering around looking lost.

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