21 August 2009

The Usual Update Post

I just haven't been much in the mood to journal. Since I quit my job and I've been staying home most the time life has been pretty boring. I've been cleaning and organizing the house, working on knitting projects and playing games. For the first time, I now have a Sims family that I've played beyond the second generation... I'm on the fourth.

Mom is feeling pretty sick and sleepy from the chemo and radiation, but otherwise doing pretty well. Her last day of both is Monday. She is definitely excited to get some energy back. They are going to reevaluate her now and see if they can go forward with surgery. There is some concern because the tumor appeared to still be attached to the main vein of her heart despite the fact is is about a third of the size it was to start with. It is also in an awkward position at the top of her lung... basically hiding out in her breastbone and shoulder area. All we can do now is wait and see how they decide to proceed.

My Great-Aunt and Nieces
My cousin Ryan got married this past weekend. Ross and I didn't make it to the ceremony... you can't get me to sit through a church service of any length. The reception was beautiful. The food was good. Uncle Ron even sang again... although he was a bit drunk so it didn't come out so well. Ross and I were driving Mom home so we had to leave early. It sounds like most of our side was gone by ten anyway. (I unfortunately didn't get any good pictures.)

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