14 August 2009

Let Me Outta Here!

I'm so bored. It's not that I don't have a billion things I could be or should be doing. I just don't want to. The mugginess outside has been forcing me indoors with the AC. I think I have summertime cabin fever. Pogo, knitting, Wii, Sims 3 and cleaning can only keep me entertained for so long.

Even Selune is trying to escape...

Natural Ripples
I have at least made use of my unemployment time to get some gift knitting done. I'm making excellent progress on a baby blanket for my friend's next addition due in April. I'm starting before we know what she's having, so I kept it neutral. Actually, I like the color combo so much that I would use it to do a whole baby room if I had a kid.

The stitch pattern was from The Knitter's Bible and is very easy to memorize.  The white rows are always three repeats of the stitch pattern, but the natural rows are arranged in a pattern of three and five stitch pattern repeats. I drew it out on paper... I just hope it looks as good in reality. With only part of the pattern done, it currently looks a bit lopsided.

I am using Caron's Simply Soft Eco. It's actually made in part with recycled plastic bottles. Acrylic is not my favorite choice of material, but I needed to make it easy to care for. At least this stuff is soft and doesn't have the usual scratchy and plastic feeling of normal acrylic.

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