24 August 2009

Still Awake

It is nearing quarter after three in the morning... and I'm not sure why I'm still up. Actually, I'm amazed I'm not tired. The stomach flu or food poisoning or whatever had me down for the last day and a half seems to have passed. Maybe it was all the sleep I got during that time that has left me so wide awake into the early morning? Whatever it is, it is going to totally throw off my schedule for a few days.

Mom came over today to get out of the house and visit. Her internet was out, so she brought along her laptop and the two of us worked on our Pogo Monopoly badges. We chatted a bit. I made lunch. We went shopping for a little while. It was just a pleasant change of pace for both of us. It's nice to see her getting her energy back so fast.

Ahhh... there was a yawn. Guess I just had to bore you all with my day. Time to try some sleep. G'night... g'morning!

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