07 November 2011


Gold's Gym Member
Tomorrow night I am finally getting my gym membership. Mom wanted me to sign up with her ages ago. There were a few problems in our way.

Ross and I only have one car (and license... lol) between us and he takes it to work every day. Even if I had my license, it would hardly make sense for me to make the three hours' worth of commuting each day to drop Ross off and pick him up just to have the car. Most of the time I can get around pretty well just by walking where I need to go, but in winter or for longer distances a car is a must and I wait until Ross gets home. The gym is too far to walk unless I break a few laws walking on the highway.

Before I had Xander, Mom was more than willing to taxi me around. In fact it always worked so well for both of us that I never had much reason to get my license. It did cost me (and eventually Ross) a small fortune in repair and upkeep costs, though. There's a reason I always called Mom's truck "The Beast."

When Xander came along, the truck was no longer an option. Car seats are illegal in the front seat of a truck with an active airbag and there was no room for the car seat in the tiny rear seats. Rising gas prices and the constant problems with maintaining the truck didn't help matters either. Luckily she has an uncle in the car sales business. He and his father-in-law were able to give Mom an even trade on her truck for a car.

So, we have wheels again! Mom and I can get back to our old routine of shared upkeep and gas on one vehicle. She has been going to a Gold's Gym near where she lives and offered to come pick Xander and I up every weekday to go to the gym. She knows it will motivate her and I can hardy help but be motivated when she shows up at my door to drag me away. LOL

I look forward to having the chance to finally work out again. It has been a bit hard with Xander underfoot. I was taking walks every day with him in a stroller, but the weather has been cold and wet. If it were just me, I wouldn't mind... but I have a baby to keep healthy. I tried doing video, game console and elliptical workouts at home but Xander kept getting right under my feet or the elliptical. Waiting until he napped didn't work either. The noise of the machine or me jumping about would often wake him. At some point I found the only time I had to get anything done was while he slept and working out got pushed aside. The gym has daycare while I'm in the gym... I get to work out without Xander underfoot and he gets to socialize with the other kids. Win, win!

Now I just need to scrape together the funds for a new pair of athletic shoes (wore mine out walking), a replacement water bottle or two, and maybe a few extra t-shirts to work out in. A heart rate monitor would be pretty nice, too.

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