16 November 2011

Aunt Again!

My New Niece
My new niece, Kali, was born yesterday morning. She looks like a tiny little female version of Jason. She has his lips, his nose and his eyelashes. Jason's genetics are definitely strong, because I didn't see a bit of Angel in her.

I was shocked to find out she weighed a whole 7 pounds and 8 ounces... even Angel thought she should be re-weighed! She's so tiny and only 20 inches long, so that little girl must be storing rocks in her little bottom.

A Little Jealous
Xander got pretty jealous when I held her. He was already tired and cranky because he hasn't been feeling well. Kali's crying was making him nervous, too. I sat on the floor to hold her, so that Xander could come and see her. At first he tried to "pet" her like he does the cats... which is more like patting hard. When I told him he couldn't do that and had to touch nice, he went to my free arm and curled up against me. Mom ended up needing to take Kali away because Xander kept pressing harder and harder against me.

It was all a bit awkward with Angel and Jason, because we are very tentatively talking again. Within a few days after Matt and the girls had come to visit, the girls blabbed about it during an interrogation by Jason and Angel. They are denying Matt access to the girls... won't even let him call... as punishment for going behind their backs. I felt it necessary to contact them and voice my opinions. The more I hear and witness, the more I grow concerned about an abusive situation. Keeping the lines of communication open will make it easier to keep an eye on the situation... especially when Matt is being denied everything but his legally scheduled weekends with the girls.

As it stands, I still have no intention of attending their wedding reception in March. When a person you thought you were close to goes off and gets married secretly twice, it hurts and I refuse to cater to it. I won't participate in a farce.

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