01 April 2011

Bear Gave Us a Scare

Sleeping Soundly
Xander gave us quite the scare yesterday. I had been having trouble getting him to sleep. At some point, I set him out on our bed and sat down next to him to study. Things were going along fine when I started to hear a strange gurgling and gagging sound. Xander was throwing up in his sleep! I picked him up and onto his side so he wouldn’t choke. Within a few minutes he was falling back to sleep and seemed fine.

He started to vomit again… several times. Then he started choking and gagging. I couldn’t find anything causing it. When I realized he was getting lethargic and turning pale, I called 911. The First Responders were here within two or three minutes. They took stats, set oxygen near his face to assist his breathing and checked him over. He was getting a bit better already and was pretty much completely alert again by the time the EMT’s arrived.

Doing Fine
Once at the hospital, it was barely even worth the effort to check him over. They took some stats, listened to his chest, checked his throat and basically treated me like I over-reacted. UGH! Makes me wish I had recorded him at his worst, so they realized why we took the ride in the ambulance. He’s back to his troublesome little self today… rolling about and talking back. Glad he's okay!

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