10 July 2011


I have been going a bit stir-crazy again. I think a lot has to do with the over-exposure to family that happens in the summer. There has been a family gathering of some sort nearly every weekend. Add to that a mom who calls every day... even on days she sees us in person... and you get a me that seriously needs a break from family.

Ross has been on vacation all week and we've had an appointment or meet-up every day. There just hasn't been any time to relax at home. When I'm home there is cleaning, laundry, or school work to do. Xander has been irritable and fussy... making every task that much harder to accomplish. I need a vacation from our vacation!

The weekend of fireworks led to some minor "fireworks" with Angel. She had mentioned that herself, her fiance Jason, and the girls were all going to be at the same fireworks location that we were attending. I suggested meeting up and she ignored me. I thought she hadn't heard me until I repeated while standing right in front of her and was ignored again. It irritated me. If you don't want to meet up, just say so. Don't pretend you didn't hear me!

Oooo... Fireworks!
The day of the event I decided to give her another shot in case she changed her mind, because I knew the girls wanted to sit with us... so I texted her to ask when they were heading to the park. I get back "don't know." Alrighty then. Later on at the event I took a cute picture of Xander's face while they were firing test shots and I texted it to a few close family and friends. She never responded. We never saw her.

The next day she texted an "apology" full of yet another bunch of excuses... the same old recycled excuses. We were tired, sick, busy, etc. She seriously used all of them at once. I have already been struggling to bite my tongue on my concerns/ issues with Jason, the baby and the pending wedding. I'm tired of her only wanting family (specifically myself and mom) around when she needs something from us. I decided it was time to take a break from Angel before I said something that would make our relationship irreparable. So I responded, "I have decided to take a break from family for a bit. I'm tired of excuses and only being wanted when I'm needed. I'll get back to you if I ever get over it." She never responded.

I guess she did eventually say something to Mom and asked what it was about, accused me of "doing stuff like this all the time," and said she didn't have time for me. Mom asked me not to respond to Angel about it because she doesn't want to get in the middle, but she is irritated by the situation with Angel also. Mom knows herself that the only other time I did "stuff like this" was when she and Angel were getting into it and I told them both I wasn't going to speak to either until they sorted it out. I'm further frustrated that Angel still can't say anything directly to a person she is in conflict with. Get some balls and say what you've got to say, already!

I'll be there if/ when she's ready to talk. Until then, I'll enjoy the peace.

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