23 July 2011

Raglan Sweater for Xander

More of the the same old crap lately. Xander has been cranky beyond belief and I can't find a reason. At times I think it's teething or a tummy ache or the itchy skin or all of the above, but nothing I do seems to make a difference. If we're out in public or around others he is a perfect child, but get home to just Ross and I and all Hell breaks loose!

Torso and One Sleeve
At least I'm sneaking in some knitting time... usually at the expense of my sleep schedule. I'm working on a Packer-theme sweater as a birthday gift for Xander. It's hard to believe that he'll be a year in less than three months! It is my first time doing a real raglan sweater. I have only made two sweaters before this and they were both basic baby cardigans.

Unlike the sample project, I'm doing the stripe detail on both sleeves. I'm a tad obsessive about symmetry. The collar will be green like the bulk of the sleeves. I love this type of folded hem on garments, because it's so clean and neat. I'm enjoying working in the round because it reduces a chunk of seaming. I hate seams!

At this point in the project I can already say that I will very likely use the same pattern many times. The three-month size will make a cute quick knit as a gifts for my new niece and nephew... both scheduled to arrive in November if their moms' uteri cooperate. :p

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