10 June 2011

The Itchies

It has been a very long day, thus far.

During the night, Xander's eczema obviously got the better of him and he scratched his scalp raw. His hair was soaked with pus and matted to his head. The pediatrician has given us everything in his arsenal to deal with it, but nothing is really working. I think, in part, because the scratching has now become a reaction to frustration and not simply a reaction to itchiness.

He also developed a really nasty diaper rash. Diaper rashes are very rare with cloth diapers and we change him often, so the only likely culprit is too much acidic food in his diet (i.e. apples and berries). We've been powdering his bottom with corn starch and it's healing... slowly.

We've got a topical antibiotic to put on him to help with infection from all the raw spots on his skin. Virtually everything for treating Xander, including the antibiotic, say to avoid face and eyes. Most of the spots are on or near his face. *sigh* We are rubbing it in really well and trying to keep him from rubbing his face and eyes. Hopefully it works.

So, with all of this going on he has been in a less than pleasant mood. He's been cranky and whiny all day. I attempted to lay him down for a nap, but all that resulted in was two hours of screaming, a massive headache, and ten minutes of sleep.

The only way I have been able to quiet him is to hold him. To get anything done around the house, I had to either hold him or listen to him scream. I can't wait until Ross gets home to help out!

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