03 August 2011

Some Great Fitness & Diet Sites

I'm definitely getting better and better at getting back on track for fitness and diet. I have joined a few sites for support, encouragement and workout variety. I was using SparkPeople (tell them Earth-Whispers sent you and add me as a friend)... and still do for most things... but I have migrated my main tracking over to MyFitnessPal because the iPhone app is much better. I'm finding that I track more consistently with their app. I love the barcode scanner feature for adding foods. It's so handy! I also joined LifeKraze, I found the site through MyPoints. I got points by signing up through MyPoints and I've found a great motivational tool... and they also give awards for points! I'm also seeking out sites that have exercise videos and tips. ExerciseTV is really great because I can access it from my computer and our SmartTV. I've found the free full-length videos are more than enough for me for now, but it's nice knowing there is a subscription option if I need more. It just feels great finally finding the motivation I have been lacking.


  1. Ooh thanks for sharing all these. Great sites! And good luck with everything.

  2. Happy to share! I know how hard it can be to find great resources for anything, so I like to pass on great finds.Thank you for the luck.